The Academia Europaea 27th Annual Conference “Symbiosis – Synergy of Humans & Technology“ will take place in Darmstadt, 7-10 September 2015.
Pubblicata il 12/12/2014 11:00
The International Conference and Exhibition on ENERGY, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany, 20 - 22 May 2015.
Pubblicata il 09/12/2014 12:52
L'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei bandisce per l'anno 2015 una serie di concorsi a premi con scadenza il 31 dicembre 2014.
Pubblicata il 09/12/2014 12:11
The 8th European Conference on Mineralogy and Spectroscopy (ECMS 2015) will be held in Rome, 9-11 September 2015.
Pubblicata il 03/12/2014 11:08
È uscita l'ultima edizione dell'OECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook 2014.
Pubblicata il 20/11/2014 00:00
The EPS Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics recognizes the excellency of a recent Ph. D. in Nuclear Physics.
Pubblicata il 19/11/2014 10:00
The School "Frontiers in Nuclear and Hadronic Physics" will be held in Arcetri, Florence, 16-27 February, 2015, at the Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics, Florence.
Pubblicata il 18/11/2014 10:55
"Re-writing Nuclear Physics textbooks: 30 years of radioactive ion beam physics" will be held in a Pisa from 20th to 24th July, 2015.
Pubblicata il 17/11/2014 14:48

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