The IZEST conference “Outlook on Wake Field Acceleration: the Next Frontier” will take place at CERN in Geneva-Switzerland, 15-16 October 2015.
Pubblicata il 23/06/2015 00:00
The 4th International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics (ICNFP 2015), will be held at the Conference Center of the Orthodox Academy of Crete in Kolymbari, Crete, Greece, 23-30 August 2015.
Pubblicata il 22/06/2015 12:26
NDES 2015 (Nonlinear Dynamics of Electronic Systems) is a European Physical Society Sponsored Conference to be held in Como, Italy, September 7-11.
Pubblicata il 17/06/2015 00:00
ReUniOn è il primo raduno mondiale degli Alumni dell’Università di Bologna.
Pubblicata il 16/06/2015 12:06
Il 12-13 novembre si terrà a Caserta il Sesto SPES one-day workshop: Nuclear astrophysics at SPES.
Pubblicata il 14/06/2015 00:00
The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards: deadline for nomination June 30th, 2015.
Pubblicata il 11/06/2015 15:10
The XIV International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics (TAUP 2015) will be held in Torino, 7-11 September 2015.
Pubblicata il 25/05/2015 00:00
L'ILO Industrial Opportunities Day si svolgerà a Bologna, 11 giugno 2015.
Pubblicata il 22/05/2015 00:00

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