Il Nuovo Saggiatore "free to read"

Free to read in the current issue: Measuring cosmic ray showers near the North Pole with the Extreme Energy Events project by Rosario Nania and Ombretta Pinazza on behalf of the EEE Collaboration.

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Lecture Notes – Joint EPS-SIF International School on Energy

In order to contribute to the training of young scientists working in the energy sector or intending to do so, the European and the Italian Physical Societies started the Joint EPS-SIF International School on Energy. The 4th Course, "Advances in basic energy issues" is vailable in Open Access: EPJ Web of Conferences Vol. 189, 2018


Ettore Majorana Scientific Papers – Second Edition

Edited by the Council of the Italian Physical Society
On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Ettore Majorana's disappearance, SIF published a new edition of the volume "Ettore Majorana - Scientific Papers" where Majorana’s papers are reproduced in the language in which they were originally written by the author, followed by their English translation.


Science for Peace the World Over

Antonino Zichichi

This book is a contribution to the "THREE DAYS" that the University of Bologna has dedicated to Science, Technology and Culture to reach a wide audience.

International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi"

The School is one of the most significant cultural activities of the Italian Physical Society. The Courses of the School, usually held in summer, by now have become a special and preciuos opportunity of meeting for scientists and young physicists from all over the world and have reached considerable international prestige.
The Courses for the year 2019 are online.


SIF Prizes 2018

"Giuseppe Occhialini" Prize
The prize has been promoted jointly by the Italian Physical Society and the Institute of Physics

"Friedel-Volterra" Prize
The prize has been promoted jointly by the Italian Physical Society and the Société Française de Physique