The Italian Physical Society (SIF - Società Italiana di Fisica), founded in 1897 is a non-profit association with the aim to promote, favour and protect the progress of Physics in Italy and worldwide.

This promotion is accomplished in many ways, most important of which being the publications. Actually the publication of Il Nuovo Cimento has been continuous since 1855 up to the present time, and after world war II it assessed its international value. It is the only physics journal published in Italy.

In recent years SIF began collaborations in partnership with other European publishers and distributors. Europhysics Letters was launched under the scientific auspices of the European Physical Society as a merger of Lettere al Nuovo Cimento and Journal de Physique Lettres (Société Française de Physique) with the sponsorship of the Institute of Physics (IOP). The European Physical Journal was launched as a merger of Il Nuovo Cimento (sections A and D), Journal de Physique (Société Française de Physique - EDPS) and Zeitschrift für Physik (Springer). Other important activities of SIF are:

The organization of a National Congress that takes places every year in a different Italian University and counts more than 600 participants. For the whole physics community it represent the occasion to exchange ideas and updatings on the most relevant topics in all fields of physics.

The organization of the International School of Physics "E. Fermi". The School was founded in 1953, and was then given the name of this great Italian physicist, after his death in 1954 when he had given in Varenna an unforgettable series of lectures on the Physics of Pions and Nucleons. The School takes place in Varenna, on Como Lake, in the beautiful scenario of Villa Monastero; every year there are 3-4 advanced courses held by prominent scientists in topical fields of physics and attended by young post graduate researchers from all countries.