103rd National Congress

Trento 11-15 September 2017


Università di Trento, Povo


Lorenzo Pavesi
Massimiliano Rinaldi
Lucrezia Aversa (CNR), Giacomo Baldi (DF UNITN), Gianluigi Casse (FBK-CMM), Bruno Giacomazzo (DF UNITN), Chiara La Tessa (DF UNITN), Gianluca Lattanzi (DF UNITN), Pasquale Onorato (DF UNITN), Emanuele Scifoni (TIFPA-INFN), Jochen Wambach (ECT*)
Local Organizing Committee Secretariat
Sara Chinellato (UNITN), Elisabetta Rossi (DF UNITN)


Abstracts, in italian or in english, must be submitted within NEW DEADLINE 15 May 2017, with a maximum of 100 words, without figures or references, with the appropriate Section indicated (click here for the sections topics), the complete address for correspondence of the Speaker with his/her name underlined.

Abstracts can be submitted online at this link or sent by email to congresso@sif.it.

The online submission is preferable. Please use only one method of submission.

Only the abstracts submitted in due time and conforming to the rules will be published in the Proceedings of the Congress. The accepted abstracts will be presented orally.

One of the authors, possibly the speaker, must be a member of the iIalian Physical Society.


(click here for the sections topics)

Section 1: Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics
President: Anna Di Ciaccio (Roma Tor Vergata)

Section 2: Solid State Physics
President: Giulio Monaco (Trento)

Section 3: Astrophysics
President: Oliviero Cremonesi (Milano Bicocca)

Section 4: Geophysics and Physics of the Environment
President: Alessandro Bonaccorso (Catania)

Section 5: Biophysics and Medical Physics
President: Renzo Antolini (Trento)

Section 6: Applied Physics, Accelerators and Physics applied to Cultural Heritage (Archaeometry)
President: Dario Pisignano (Lecce)

Section 7: Physics Education and History of Physics
President: Stefano Oss (Trento)

The Local Organizing Committee web page is available here: events.unitn.it/sif2017 and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sif2017trento/.
Various collateral events are organized during the Congress week, please vist the Local Organizing Committee webpage to be informed about all the initiatives.


Registration fee for Members (*)
(online only, from July)
(on site)
Individual Member 75,00 EUR 85,00 EUR
Junior Member (under 30) 60,00 EUR 70,00 EUR
Invited Member
(newly graduated bachelor in Physics)
60,00 EUR 70,00 EUR
(*) Invited Speakers pay the same fee as Individual Members.

Registration fee for non Members
(online only, from July)
(on site)
Individual Participant 145,00 EUR 160,00 EUR
Junior Participant (under 30) 120,00 EUR 130,00 EUR

Together with the pre-registration (or registration) at the Congress it will be possible to renew the membership fee or ask to become a SIF Member, in order to take advantage of the above mentioned discounts.

To become a SIF Member follow this link.

To participate in the Congress one must show the badge as a proof of the registration.

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