105th National Congress

L'Aquila, 23-27 September 2019

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The 105th National Congress of the Italian physical Society will be held at the Gran Sasso Science Institute, L'Aquila, from 23 to 27 September 2019.

The programme is available here.


President: Pasquale Blasi

Vice president: Alessandra Continenza

Secretary: Denise Boncioli

Treasurer: Carmelo Evoli

Committee: Chiara Badia, Eugenio Coccia, Valerio Congeduti, Eliana Di Giovanni, Marco Drago, Luisa Faccia, Mario Festa, Alba Formicola, Luca Giurina, Claudio Ianni, Giulia Pagliaroli, Alessandro Pajewski



Abstracts, in italian or in english, must be submitted with a maximum of 100 words and without figures or references, with the appropriate Section indicated, the complete address for correspondence of the Speaker with his/her name underlined.

Abstracts can be submitted online or sent by e-mail at congresso.sif.it.
The online submission is preferable. Only abstracts submitted in due time and conforming to the rules will be published in the Proceedings of the Congress.

Accepted abstracts will be presented orally in italian or in english. Speakers will have for their presentation 20/25 minutes for invited talks and 10/12 minutes fo Contributions, accordingly to the Section programme.

One of the authors, possibly the speaker, must be member of the iIalian Physical Society. Membership can be finalized also at the Congress.


The best speakers will be awarded a prize and their contribution will be published on Il Nuovo Cimento.


(click here for the sections topics)

Section 1: Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics
President: Alessandro Bettini, Università di Padova e Stefano Ragazzi, INFN, Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso

Section 2: Solid State Physics
President: Michele Nardone, Università dell'Aquila

Section 3: Astrophysics
President: Ivan De Mitri, Gran Sasso Science Institute

Section 4: Geophysics and Physics of the Environment
President: Luca Crescentini, Università di Salerno

Section 5: Biophysics and Medical Physics
President: Vincenzo Patera, Sapienza Università di Roma

Section 6: Applied Physics, Accelerators and Physics applied to Cultural Heritage (Archaeometry)
President: Giancarlo Righini, IFAC-CNR

Section 7: Physics Education and History of Physics
Presidents: Elisa Ercolessi, Università di Bologna e Olivia Levrini, Università di Bologna

Young Section : in collaboration with the Associazione Italiana Studenti di Fisica (AISF).


It will be possible to pre-register at the Congress from 1 July to 11 September (h. 12.00).
Invited Speakers can pre-register at the same fee as Individual paid-up Members.
Please ask information at your administration office before pre-register.

Together with the pre-registration (or registration) at the Congress it will be possible to renew the membership fee or ask to become a SIF Member, in order to take advantage of the above mentioned discounts (information available here).

Registration fee for paid-up Members (*)
Pre-registration (online only) Registration
Individual Member or Invited Speaker 75,00 EUR 85,00 EUR
Junior Member (under 30) 60,00 EUR 70,00 EUR
Invited Member (newly graduated bachelor in Physics) 60,00 EUR 70,00 EUR
(*) Invited Speakers pay the same fee as Individual Members.

Registration fee for non Members
Pre-registration (online only) Registration
Individual Participant 145,00 EUR 160,00 EUR
Junior Participant (under 30) 120,00 EUR 130,00 EUR

To participate in the Congress one must show the badge as a proof of the registration.

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