108th National Congress

This year the Italian Physics Society is organizing its 108th National Congress in Milan from 12 to 16 September 2022 at the Physics Department of the University, Via Celoria 16.

The programme is online HERE

Best presentations awards


President: Giovanni Onida

Vice president: Mauro Citterio

Scretary: Marina Carpineti

Local Committee: Giorgio Benedek, Marco Bersanelli, Paolo Biscari, Barbara Caccianiga, Gianluca Colò, Oliviero Cremonesi, Sandro De Silvestri, Giancarlo Ferrera, Marco Giliberti, Giuseppe Gorini, Cristina Lenardi, Chiara Meroni, Matteo Paris, Daniele Sertore, Roberta Vecchi

Technical Committee Augusto Bassi, Letizia Bonizzoni, Alberto Dedé, Marco Gargano, Franco Leveraro, Francesco Orsini.


Abstracts, in Italian or in English, can be submitted online starting from 4 April. The NEW DEADLINE for submission is 15 May 2022. Abstracts must have a maximum of 1200 charcters, without figures or references and the appropriate Section should be indicated.

Only abstracts submitted in due time and conforming to the rules will be published in the Proceedings of the Congress.

Normally each author can be reported as a speaker in one communication only.

Accepted abstracts will be presented orally in Italian or in English. As for the invited talks, the speakers will have for their presentation 20 minutes + 5 for discussion, while for contributions the speakers will have 10 minutes + 2 for discussion, accordingly to the Section programme.

One of the authors, possibly the speaker, must be member of the Italian Physical Society.


A special commission will select from each section a certain number of contributions judged particularly valuable on the basis of their content and/or exposition.

For the winners (about 30% of the total) there will be prizes and the publication of their article in a special issue of Il Nuovo Cimento, with an online publication in "open access".

The award ceremony will take place during the opening ceremony of the 2023 SIF National Congress. Only those registered to the Congress will have the opportunity to participate in the selection.


(click here for the sections topics)

Section 1: Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics
President: Marina Cobal, Università di Udine

Section 2: Solid State Physics
President: Paolo Biagioni, Politenico di Milano

Section 3: Astrophysics
President: Pasquale Blasi, GSSI L’Aquila

Section 4: Geophysics and Physics of the Environment
President: Anna Maria Marotta, Università di Milano

Section 5: Biophysics and Medical Physics
President: Cristina Lenardi, Università di Milano

Section 6: Applied Physics, Accelerators and Physics applied to Cultural Heritage (Archaeometry)
Presidents: Danilo Rifuggiato, INFN, Laboratori Nazionali del Sud Catania and Roberto Senesi, Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Section 7: Physics Education and History of Physics
Presidents: Daniela Di Martino, Università di Milano Bicocca and Ileana Rabuffo, Università di Salerno


On Thursday 15 September from 9:00 to 13:00 , the work of the "Youth Section" will be held in collaboration with the Italian Association of Physics Students (AISF) and the EPS Young Minds Project.


It will be possible to register at the Congress from 4 July (h. 12.00) to 8 September (h. 12.00).
Invited Speakers and Chairs can register at the same fee as Individual paid-up Members.

Together with the registration at the Congress it will be possible to renew the membership fee or ask to become a SIF Member, in order to take advantage of the above mentioned discounts (information available here).

In order to take part in the Congress one must show the badge as a proof of the registration.

Registration fee for paid-up Members for the year 2022
Individual Member or Invited Speaker 75,00 EUR
Member under 40 60,00 EUR
Invited Member (newly graduated bachelor in Physics) 60,00 EUR

Registration fee for non Members
Individual Participant 145,00 EUR
Participant under 40 120,00 EUR

If you would like to be reimbursed for the registration fee by your Institution, we invite you to contact your administration before registering. Please note that SIF cannot issue an invoice for the SIF Congress as it is an institutional activity (art. 4 DPR 633/72). Order forms issued by the organization or direct payments made by the organization are not accepted.


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