The impact of Physics on the Italian Economy

In 2013 the Italian Physical Society (SIF), in collaboration with the National Research Institutions Centro Fermi, CNR, INAF, INFN, INRIM, has decided to produce a study to assess the contribution of physics-based sectors to the Italian economy, namely of those industrial and business sectors where the use of physics – in terms of technology and expertise – is critical to their existence. The analysis was carried out on publicly available Istat data spanning the 4-year period 2008-2011.
The study has been commissioned by SIF from Deloitte, a well-known professional services company.

The approach adopted for this study, the definition of the physics-based sectors of the Italian economy and the contents of the Executive Summary which highlights its focal points are the result of consultations within a Working Group consisting of representatives of the different stakeholders: Giulio Bollino (CNR, INRIM), Sandro Centro (Centro Fermi), Luisa Cifarelli (SIF), Speranza Falciano (INFN), Corrado Perna (INAF), Andrew Tong (Deloitte, United Kingdom), Matteo Zanza (Deloitte, Italy), Filippo Maria Zerbi (INAF).

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