Proceedings of the International School of Physics "E. Fermi"

The Italian Physical Society in partnership with IOS Press, Amsterdam, publishes the proceedings of the International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi", Varenna, Como Lake. The School was founded in 1953 and consist of 3-4 advanced courses held every summer and directed by eminent scientists in all topical fields of contemporary physics. These proceedings have been published since the foundation of the school, so this book series has, besides the immediate pedagogic value, also a relevant interest as historic archive.

The electronic version of the Proceedings relative to the Courses held starting from 1995 is offered in open access to the individual SIF Members through the Members Area.

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Published volumes

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  • Course I - edited by G. Puppi (1953)
    Questioni relative alla rivelazione delle particelle elementari, con particolare riguardo alla radiazione cosmica
  • Course II - edited by G. Puppi (1954)
    Questioni relative alla rivelazione delle particelle elementari, e alle loro interazioni con particolare riguardo alle particelle artificialmente prodotte ed accelerate
  • Course III - edited by C. Salvetti (1955)
    Questioni di struttura nucleare e dei processi nucleari alle basse energie
  • Course IV - edited by L. Giulotto (1956)
    Proprietà magnetiche della materia
  • Course V - edited by F. Fumi (1957)
    Fisica dello stato solido
  • Course VI - edited by G. Righini (1958)
    Fisica del plasma e relative applicazioni astrofisiche
  • Course VII - edited by E. R. Caianiello (1958)
    Teoria della informazione
  • Course VIII - edited by A. Borsellino (1958)
    Problemi matematici della teoria quantistica delle particelle e dei campi
  • Course IX - edited by B. Touschek (1958)
    Fisica dei pioni
  • Course X - edited by S. R. de Groot (1959)
    Thermodynamics of irreversible processes
  • Course XI - edited by L. A. Radicati (1959)
    Weak interactions
  • Course XII - edited by G. Righini (1959)
    Solar radioastronomy
  • Course XIII - edited by H. Alfvén (1959)
    Physics of plasma: experiments and techniques
  • Course XIV - edited by P. Caldirola (1960)
    Ergodic theories
  • Course XV - edited by G. Racah (1960)
    Nuclear spectroscopy
  • Course XVI - edited by N. Rashevsky (1960)
    Physicomathematical aspects of biology
  • Course XVII - edited by A. Gozzini (1960)
    Topics of radiofrequency spectroscopy
  • Course XVIII - edited by D. S. Billington (1960)
    Radiation damage in solids
  • Course XIX - edited by B. Peters (1961)
    Cosmic rays, solar particles and space research
  • Course XX - edited by C. Møller (1961)
    Evidence for gravitational theories
  • Course XXI - edited by G. Careri (1961)
    Liquid helium
  • Course XXII - edited by R. A. Smith (1961)
  • Course XXIII - edited by V. F. Weisskopf (1961)
    Nuclear physics
  • Course XXIV - edited by B. Rossi (1962)
    Space exploration and the solar system
  • Course XXV - edited by M. N. Rosenbluth (1962)
    Advanced plasma theory
  • Course XXVI - edited by M. Conversi (1962)
    Selected topics on elementary particle physics
  • Course XXVII - edited by D. Sette (1962)
    Dispersion and absorption of sound by molecular processes
  • Course XXVIII - edited by L. Gratton (1962)
    Star evolution
  • Course XXIX - edited by E. P. Wigner (1963)
    Dispersion relations and their connection with casuality
  • Course XXX - edited by F. W. Spiers (1963)
    Radiation dosimetry
  • Course XXXI - edited by P. A. Miles (1963)
    Quantum electronics and coherent light
  • Course XXXII - edited by T. D. Lee (1964)
    Weak interactions and high-energy neutrino physics
  • Course XXXIII - edited by L. W. Alvarez (1964)
    Strong interactions
  • Course XXXIV - edited by J. Tauc (1965)
    The optical properties of solids
  • Course XXXV - edited by L. Gratton (1965)
    High-energy astrophysics
  • Course XXXVI - edited by C. L. Bloch (1965)
    Many-body description of nuclear structure and reactions
  • Course XXXVII - edited by W. Marshall (1966)
    Theory of magnetism in transition metals
  • Course XXXVIII - edited by T. E. O. Ericson (1966)
    Interaction of high-energy particles with nuclei
  • Course XXXIX - edited by P. A. Sturrock (1966)
    Plasma astrophysics
  • Course XL - edited by M. Jean and R. A Ricci (1967)
    Nuclear structure and nuclear reactions
  • Course XLI - edited by J. Steinberger (1967)
    Selected topics in particle physics
  • Course XLII - edited by R. J. Glauber (1967)
    Quantum optics
  • Course XLIII - edited by W. Reichardt (1968)
    Processing of optical data by organisms and by machines
  • Course XLIV - edited by Ch. Schlier (1968)
    Molecular beams and reaction kinetics
  • Course XLV - edited by R. Jost (1968)
    Local quantum theory
  • Course XLVI - edited by B. Touschek (1969)
    Physics with intersecting storage rings
  • Course XLVII - edited by R. K. Sachs (1969)
    General relativity and cosmology
  • Course XLVIII - edited by P. Caldirola and H. Knoepfel (1969)
    Physics of high energy density
  • Course IL - edited by B. d'Espagnat (1970)
    Foundations of quantum mechanics
  • Course L - edited by J. Coulomb and M. Caputo (1970)
    Mantle and core in planetary physics
  • Course LI - edited by M. S. Green (1970)
    Critical phenomena
  • Course LII - edited by E. Burstein (1971)
    Atomic structure and properties of solids
  • Course LIV - edited by R. R. Gatto (1971)
    Developments in high-energy physics
  • Course LV - edited by S. Califano (1972)
    Lattice dynamics and intermolecular forces
  • Course LVI - edited by B. Bertotti (1972)
    Experimental gravitation
  • Course LVII - edited by C. Weiner (1972)
    History of twentieth century physics
  • Course LVIII - edited by F. O. Goodman (1973)
    Dynamics aspects of surface physics
  • Course LIX - edited by K. A. Müller and A. Rigamonti (1973)
    Local properties at phase transitions
  • Course LX - edited by D. Kastler (1973)
    C*-algebras and their applications to statistical mechanics and quantum field theory
  • Course LXI - edited by G. Caglioti (1974)
    Atomic structure and mechanical properties of metals
  • Course LXII - edited by H. Faraggi and R. A. Ricci (1974)
    Nuclear spectroscopy and nuclear reactions with heavy ions
  • Course LXIII - edited by D. Sette (1974)
    New directions in physical acoustics
  • Course LXIV - edited by N. Bloembergen (1975)
    Nonlinear spectroscopy
  • Course LXV - edited by R. Giacconi and R. Ruffini (1975)
    Physics and astrophysics of neutron stars and black holes
  • Course LXVI - edited by J. Baarli (1975)
    Health and medical physics
  • Course LXVII - edited by J. Ehlers (1976)
    Isolated gravitating systems in general relativity
  • Course LXVIII - edited by A. Ferro Milone, P. Giacomo and S. Leschiutta (1976)
    Metrology and fundamental constants
  • Course LXIX - edited by A. Bohr and R. A. Broglia (1976)
    Elementary modes of excitation in nuclei
  • Course LXX - edited by A. Paoletti (1977)
    Physics of magnetic garnets
  • Course LXXI - edited by M. Baldo Ceolin (1977)
    Weak interactions
  • Course LXXII - edited by G. Toraldo di Francia (1977)
    Problems in the foundations of physics
  • Course LXXIII - edited by D. Lal (1978)
    Early solar system processes and the present solar system
  • Course LXXIV - edited by C. Pellegrini (1978)
    Development of high-power lasers and their applications
  • Course LXXV - edited by J. Van Kranendonk (1978)
    Intermolecular spectroscopy and dynamical properties of dense systems
  • Course LXXVI - edited by J. R. Greening (1979)
    Medical physics
  • Course LXXVII - edited by R. A. Broglia, R. A. Ricci and C. H. Dasso (1979)
    Nuclear structure and heavy-ion collisions
  • Course LXXVIII - edited by A. M. Dziewonski and E. Boschi (1979)
    Physics of the Earth's interior
  • Course LXXIX - edited by A. Molinari (1980)
    From nuclei to particles
  • Course LXXX - edited by A. R. Osborne and P. Malanotte Rizzoli (1980)
    Topics in ocean physics
  • Course LXXXI - edited by G. Costa and R. R. Gatto (1980)
    Theory of fundamental interactions
  • Course LXXXII - edited by G. Caglioti and A. Ferro Milone (1981)
    Mechanical and thermal behaviour of metallic materials
  • Course LXXXIII - edited by W. Brandt and A. Dupasquier (1981)
    Positrons in solids
  • Course LXXXIV - edited by G. Bologna and M. Vincelli (1981)
    Data acquisition in high-energy physics
  • Course LXXXV - edited by H. Kanamori and E. Boschi (1982)
    Earthquakes: observation, theory and interpretation
  • Course LXXXVI - edited by F. Melchiorri and R. Ruffini (1982)
    Gamow cosmology
  • Course LXXXVII - edited by L. Moretto and R. A. Ricci (1982)
    Nuclear structure and heavy-ion dynamcs
  • Course LXXXVIII - edited by M. Ghil, R. Benzi and G. Parisi (1983)
    Turbulence and predictability in geophysical fluid dynamics and climate dynamics
  • Course LXXXIX - edited by F. Bassani, F. Fumi and M. P. Tosi (1983)
    Highlights of condensed-matter theory
  • Course XC - edited by V. Degiorgio and M. Corti (1983)
    Physics of amphiphiles: micelles, vesicles and microemulsions
  • Course XCI - edited by A. Molinari and R. A. Ricci (1984)
    From nuclei to stars
  • Course XCII - edited by N. Cabibbo (1984)
    Elementary particles
  • Course XCIII - edited by D. Sette (1984)
    Frontiers in physical acoustics
  • Course XCIV - edited by A. Serra and R. E. Barlow (1984)
    Theory of reliability
  • Course XCV - edited by G. Cini Castagnoli (1985)
    Solar-terrestrial relationship and the Earth environment in the last millenia
  • Course XCVI - edited by U. M. Grassano and N. Terzi (1985)
    Excited-state spectroscopy in solids
  • Course XCVII - edited by G. Ciccotti and W. G. Hoover (1985)
    Molecular-dynamics simulations of statistical-mechanical systems
  • Course XCVIII - edited by M. Fulchignoni and L. Kresák (1985)
    The evolution of small bodies in the solar system
  • Course XCIX - edited by G. Caglioti and H. Haken (1986)
    Synergetics and dynamic instabilities
  • Course C - edited by B. Maraviglia (1986)
    The physics of NMR spectroscopy in biology and medicine
  • Course CI - edited by A. Bonetti and J. M. Greenberg (1986)
    Evolution of interstella dust and related topics
  • Course CII - edited by C. A. Clarotti (1986)
    Accelerated life testing and experts'opinions in reliability
  • Course CIII - edited by P. Kienle, R. A. Ricci and A. Rubbino (1987)
    Trends in nuclear physics
  • Course CIV - edited by R. A. Broglia and J. R. Schrieffer (1987)
    Frontiers and borderlines in many-particle physics
  • Course CV - edited by J. Audouze and F. Melchiorri (1987)
    Confrontation between theories and observations in cosmology: present status and future programmes
  • Course CVI - edited by G. F. Chiarotti, F. Fumi and M. Tosi (1988)
    Current trends in the physics of materials EUR 138,00
  • Course CVII - edited by G. Scoles (1988)
    The chemical physics of atomic and molecular clusters EUR 122,50
  • Course CVIII - edited by M. Campagna and R. Rosei (1988)
    Photoemission and absorption spectroscopy of solids and interfaces with synchrotron radiation EUR 78,50
  • Course CIX - edited by A. R. Osborne (1988)
    Nonlinear topics in ocean physics EUR 132,00
  • Course CX - edited by L. Crovini and T. J. Quinn (1989)
    Metrology at the frontiers of physics and technology EUR 139,00
  • Course CXI - edited by E. Bussoletti and G. Strazzulla (1989)
    Solid-state astrophysics EUR 91,00
  • Course CXII - edited by C. Detraz and P. Kienle (1989)
    Nuclear collisions from the mean-field into the fragmentation regime EUR 101,00
  • Course CXIII - edited by S. Eliezer and R. A. Ricci (1989)
    High-pressure equation of state: theory and applications EUR 102,00
  • Course CXIV - edited by M. Fontana and F. Rustichelli (1990)
    Industrial and technological applications of neutrons EUR 112,00
  • Course CXV - edited by J. C. Gilles and G. Visconti (1990)
    The use of EOS for studies of atmospheric physics EUR 128,00
  • Course CXVI - edited by R. A. Ricci, C. Salvetti and E. Sindoni (1990)
    Status and perspectives of nuclear energy: fission and fusion EUR 110,00 - OUT OF PRINT
  • Course CXVII - edited by A. Stella (1991)
    Semiconductor superlattices and interfaces EUR 139,00
  • Course CXVIII - edited by E. Arimondo, W. D. Phillips and F. Strumia (1991)
    Laser manipulation of atoms and ions EUR 144,00
  • Course CXIX - edited by G. Casati, I. Guarneri and U. Smilansky (1991)
    Quantum chaos EUR 120,00
  • Course CXX - edited by T. W. Hänsch and M. Inguscio (1992)
    Frontiers in laser spectroscopy EUR 180,00
  • Course CXXI - edited by R. A. Broglia, J. R. Schrieffer and P. F. Bortignon (1992)
    Perspectives in many-particle physics EUR 120,50
  • Course CXXII - edited by J. Silk and N. Vittorio (1992)
    Galaxy formation EUR 128,00
  • Course CXXIII - edited by B. Maraviglia (1992)
    Nuclear magnetic double resonance ems EUR 165,50

Distributed by IOS and SIF

  • Course CXXIV - edited by G. Fiocco and G. Visconti (1993)
    Diagnostic tools in atmospheric physics EUR 119,50
  • Course CXXV - edited by A. Dupasquier and A. P. Mills jr. (1993)
    Positron spectroscopy of solids EUR 183,50
  • Course CXXVI - edited by V. Degiorgio and C. Flytzanis (1993)
    Nonlinear optical materials: principles and applications EUR 143,00
  • Course CXXVII - edited by L. Castellani and J. Wess (1994)
    Quantum groups and their applications in physics EUR 130,00
  • Course CXXVIII - edited by E. Burattini and A. Balerna (1994)
    Biomedical applications of synchrotron radiation EUR 94,00
  • Course CXXIX - (1994)
    Not available in this series
    This course belongs to the NATO ASI Series C, Vol. 460 (Kluwer Academic Publishers)
  • Course CXXX - edited by A. Di Giacomo and D. Diakonov (1995)
    Selected topics in nonperturbative QCD EUR 116,00
  • Course CXXXI - edited by A. Aspect, W. Barletta and R. Bonifacio (1995)
    Coherent and Collective Interactions of Particles and Radiation Beams EUR 120,50
  • Course CXXXII - edited by S. Bonometto and J. Primack (1995)
    Dark matter in the universe EUR 132,00
  • Course CXXXIII - edited by G. Cini Castagnoli and A. Provenzale (1996)
    Past and present variability of the solar-terrestrial system. Measurement, data analysis and theoretical models EUR 111,00
  • Course CXXXIV - edited by F. Mallamace and H. E. Stanley (1996)
    The physics of complex systems EUR 139,00
  • Course CXXXV - edited by A. Paoletti and A. Tucciarone (1996)
    The physics of diamond EUR 127,00
  • Course CXXXVI - edited by G. Iadonisi, J. R. Schrieffer and M. L. Chiofalo (1997)
    Models and Phenomenology for Conventional and High-Temperature Superconductivity EUR 120,50
  • Course CXXXVII - edited by I. Bigi and L. Moroni (1997)
    Heavy Flavour Physics: a Probe of Nature's Grand Design EUR 127,00
  • Course CXXXVIII - edited by A. Molinari and R. A. Ricci (1997)
    Unfolding the Matter of Nuclei EUR 120,50
  • Course CXXXIX - edited by B. Maraviglia (1998)
    Magnetic Resonance and Brain Function: Approaches from Physics EUR 120,50
  • Course CXL - edited by M. Inguscio, S. Stringari and C. E. Wieman (1998)
    Bose-Einstein Condensation in Atomic Gases EUR 132,00
  • Course CXLI - edited by O. Bisi, S. U. Campisano, L. Pavesi and F. Priolo (1998)
    Silicon-Based Microphotonics: from Basics to Applications EUR 120,50
  • Course CXLII - edited by B. Coppi and A. Ferrari (1999)
    Plasmas in the Universe EUR 127,00
  • Course CXLIII - edited by G. Casati, I. Guarneri and U. Smilansky (1999)
    New Directions in Quantum Chaos EUR 127,00
  • Course CXLIV - edited by M. Allegrini, N. Garcia and O. Marti (2000)
    Nanometer Scale Science and Technology EUR 145,00
  • Course CXLV - edited by R.A. Broglia, E.I. Shakhnovich and G. Tiana (2000)
    Protein Folding, Evolution and Design EUR 95,00
  • Course CXLVI - edited by T.J. Quinn, S. Leschiutta and P. Tavella (2000)
    Recent Advances in Metrology and Fundamental Constants EUR 205,00
  • Course CXLVII - edited by R. J. Hemley, G.L. Chiarotti, M. Bernasconi and L. Ulivi (2001)
    High Pressure Phenomena EUR 182,00
  • Course CXLVIII - edited by F. De Martini and C. Monroe (2001)
    Experimental Quantum Computation and Information EUR 162,00
  • Course CXLIX - edited by V. M. Agranovich and G. C. La Rocca (2001)
    Organic Nanostructures: Science and Applications EUR 170,00
  • Course CL - edited by B. Deveaud, A. Quattropani and P. Schwendimann (2002)
    Electron and Photon Confinement in Semiconductor Nanostructures EUR 150,00
  • Course CLI - edited by B. Altshuler, A. Tagliacozzo and V. Tognetti (2002)
    Quantum Phenomena in Mesoscopic Systems EUR 155,00
  • Course CLII - edited by E. Bellotti, Y. Declais and P. Strolin (2002)
    Neutrino Physics EUR 120,00
  • Course CLIII - edited by A. Molinari and L. Riccati (2002)
    From Nuclei and their Constituents to Stars EUR 182,00
  • Course CLIV - edited by M. Martini, M. Milazzo and M. Piacentini (2003)
    Physics Methods in Archaeometry EUR 170,00
  • Course CLV - edited by F. Mallamace and H. E. Stanley (2003)
    The Physics of Complex Systems (New Advances and Perspectives) EUR 180,00
  • Course CLVI - edited by E. F. Redish and M. Vicentini (2003)
    Research on Physics Education EUR 182,00
  • Course CLVII - edited by G. F. Giuliani and G. Vignale (2003)
    The Electron Liquid Paradigm in Condensed Matter Physics EUR 170,00
  • Course CLVIII - edited by T. Bressani, A. Filippi and U. Wiedner (2004)
    Hadron Physics EUR 195,00
  • Course CLIX - edited by F. Melchiorri and Y. Rephaeli (2004)
    Background Microwave Radiation and Intracluster Cosmology EUR 180,00
  • Course CLX - edited by A. D'Amico, G. Balestrino and A. Paoletti (2004)
    From Nanostructures to Nanosensing Applications EUR 150,00
  • Course CLXI - edited by G. Iadonisi, J. Ranninger and G. De Filippis (2005)
    Polarons in Bulk Materials and Systems with Reduced Dimensionality EUR 180,00
  • Course CLXII - edited by G. Casati, D. Shepelyansky, P. Zoller and G. Benenti (2005)
    Quantum Computers, Algorithms and Chaos EUR 190,00
  • Course CLXIII - edited by M. Giorgi, I. Mannelli, A. I Sanda, F. Costantini and M. S. Sozzi (2005)
    CP violation: from Quarks to Leptons EUR 190,00
  • Course CLXIV - edited by M. Inguscio, W. Ketterle and C. Salomon (2006)
    Ultra-cold Fermi Gases EUR 230,00
  • Course CLXV - edited by R. A. Broglia, L. Serrano and G. Tiana (2006)
    Protein Folding and Drug Design EUR 160,00
  • Course CLXVI - edited by T. W. Haensch, S. Leschiutta, A. J. Wallard and M. L. Rastello (2006)
    Metrology and Fundamental Constants EUR 195,00
  • Course CLXVII - edited by M. Anselmino, T. Bressani, A. Feliciello and Ph. G. Ratcliffe (2007)
    Strangeness and Spin in Fundamental Physics EUR 180,00
  • Course CLXVIII - edited by E. Arimondo, W. Ertmer, and W. P. Schleich (2007)
    Atom Optics and Space Physics EUR 170,00
  • Course CLXIX - edited by A. Covello, F. Iachello, R. A. Ricci and G. Maino (2007)
    Nuclear Structure far from Stability: New Physics and New Technology EUR 190,00
  • Course CLXX - edited by F. Ferroni, F. Vissani and C. Brofferio (2008)
    Measurements of Neutrino Mass EUR 180,00
  • Course CLXXI - edited by B. Deveaud-Plédran, A. Quattropani and P. Schwendimann (2008)
    Quantum Coherence in Solid State Systems EUR 190,00
  • Course CLXXII - edited by A. Cavaliere, Y. Rephaeli and A. Lapi (2008)
    Astrophysics of Galaxy clusters EUR 185,00
  • Course CLXXIII - edited by R. Kaiser, D. S. Wiersma and L. Fallani (2009)
    Nano optics and atomics: Transport of light and matter waves EUR 170,00
  • Course CLXXIV - edited by A. Dupasquier, A. P. Mills Jr and R. S. Brusa (2009)
    Physics with many positrons EUR 195,00
  • Course CLXXV - edited by S. Bertolucci, U. Bottigli and P. Oliva (2009)
    Radiation and particle detectors EUR 105,00
  • Course CLXXVI - edited by F. Mallamace and H. E. Stanley (2010)
    Complex Materials in Physics and Biology EUR 185,00
  • Course CLXXVIII - edited by A. Bracco and E. Nappi (2010)
    From the Big Bang to the Nucleosynthesis EUR 190,00
  • Course CLXXIX - edited by F. Ferroni, L. A. Gizzi and R. Faccini (2011)
    Laser-Plasma Acceleration EUR 170,00
  • Course CLXXX - edited by M. Anselmino, H. Avakian, D. Hasch and P. Schweitzer (2011)
    Three-dimensional partonic structure of the nucleon EUR 175,00
  • Course 181 - edited by F. S. Pavone, P. T. C. So and M. W. French (2014)
    Microscopy Applied to Biophotonics EUR 165,00
  • Course CLXXXII - edited by G. Bellini and L. Ludhova (2011)
    Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics EUR 175,00
  • Course 184 - edited by C. Bechinger, F. Sciortino and P. Ziherl (2012)
    Physics of Complex Colloids EUR 195,00
  • Course 185 - edited by E. Bava, M. Kuhne and A.M. Rossi (2013)
    Metrology and Physical Constants EUR 190,00
  • Course 186 - edited by A. Cooray, E. Komatsu, A. Melchiorri and L. Lamagna (2014)
    New Horizons for Observational Cosmology EUR 175,00
  • Course 187 - edited by P. G. Debenedetti e M. A. Ricci and F. Bruni (2013)
    Water: Fundamentals as the Basis for Understanding the Environment and Promoting Technology EUR 170,00
  • Course 188 - edited by G.M. Tino and M.A. Kasevich (2014)
    Atom Interferometry EUR 200,00
  • Course 189 - edited by M. Knoop, I. Marzoli and G. Morigi (2015)
    Ion Traps for Tomorrow’s Applications EUR 170,00
  • Course 190 - edited by D. Faccio, J. Dudley and M. Clerici (2016)
    Frontiers in Modern Optics EUR 170,00
  • Course 191 - edited by M. Inguscio, W. Ketterle, S. Stringari and G. Roati (2016)
    Quantum Matter at Ultralow Temperatures EUR 195,00
  • Course 192 - edited by F. Carminati, L. Betev and A. Grigoras (2016)
    Grid and Cloud Computing: Concepts and Practical Applications EUR 170,00
  • Course 193 - edited by C.N. Likos, F. Sciortino, E. Zaccarelli and P. Ziherl (2016)
    Soft Matter Self-Assembly EUR 180,00
  • Workshop 194 - edited by S. Bertolucci and L. Palumbo (2016)
    Future Research Infrastructures: Challenges and Opportunities EUR 160,00
  • Course 196 - edited by P. Tavella, M.J.T. Milton, M. Inguscio and N. De Leo (2017)
    Metrology: from Physics Fundamentals to Quality of Life EUR 190,00
  • Course 197 - edited by Ernst M. Rasel, Wolfgang P. Schleich, Sabine Wölk (2019)
    Foundations of Quantum Theory EUR 180,00
  • Course 198 - edited by T. Calarco, R. Fazio and P. Mataloni (2018)
    Quantum Simulators EUR 170,00
  • Course 199 - edited by J. Hastings, C. Pellegrini, A. Marinelli (2020)
    Physics of and Science with X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers EUR 170,00
  • Course 200 - edited by E. Coccia, J. Silk, N. Vittorio (2020)
    Gravitational Waves and Cosmology EUR 180,00
  • Course 201 - edited by F. Gramegna, P. Van Duppen, A Vitturi, S. Pirrone (2019)
    Nuclear Physics with Stable and Radioactive Ion Beams EUR 185,00
  • Course 202 - edited by A. Bizzarri, S. Das, A. Petri (2019)
    Mechanics of Earthquake Faulting EUR 170,00
  • Course 203 - edited by J. Kertész, R. N. Mantegna, S. Miccichè (2019)
    Computational Social Science and Complex Systems EUR 165,00
  • Course 204 - edited by M. Agio, I. D'Amico, R. Zia, C. Toninelli (2020)
    Nanoscale Quantum Optics EUR 170,00
  • Course 206 - edited by M.J.T. Milton, D.S. Wiersma. C.J. Williams, M. Sega (2021)
    New Frontiers for Metrology: From Biology and Chemistry to Quantum and Data Science
    EUR 185,00
  • Course 207 - edited by D. Narducci, G.J. Snyder, C. Fanciulli (2021)
    Advances in Thermoelectricity: Foundational Issues, Materials and Nanotechnology
    EUR 165,00
  • Course 208 - edited by F.A. Aharonian, E. Amato, P. Blasi, C. Evoli (2024)
    Foundations of Cosmic Ray Astrophysics
    EUR 180,00
  • Course 210 - edited by P. Bianchini, A. Diaspro, J.R. Sheppard (2023)
    Multimodal and Nanoscale Optical Microscopy
    EUR 165,00

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