Joint EPS-SIF International School on Energy 2016

3rd Course of the Joint EPS-SIF International School on Energy jointly organized with the 69th Course of the International School of Solid State Physics: "Materials for Energy and Sustainability V".



EPS-SIF EuroSun Med Materials Resarch Society European Materials Resarch Society

Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture

Directors of the Course
David Cahen – Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot (Israel)
Luisa Cifarelli – Università di Bologna (Italy)
David Ginley - NREL, Colorado (USA)
Abdelilah Slaoui - ICUBE-CNRS, Strasbourg (France)
Antonio Terrasi - Università di Catania (Italy)
Friedrich Wagner – Max-Planck-Institut, Greifswald (Germany)

Energy: the big picture
Critical materials for energy
Global warming: CO2 sequestration and recycling
Energy-water-sustainability nexus
Geothermal power
Physics and engineering of wind power systems
Nuclear power generation now and in the future
Photovoltaics I: principle/materials/inorganics
Photovoltaics II: organics/hybrids
Materials and energy genome
Photosynthesis and solar fuels
Bio fuels
Concentrated solar power: materials
Concentrated solar power: systems
Mechanical chemical storage
Thermal storage
Electrical storage
Fuel cells
Materials for buildings
Protection-security in the renewable energy field
Power system and market integration
Smart grids
Lectures by student teams

Neal Armstrong - The University of Arizona (USA)
Sally Benson - Stanford University, California (USA)
David Cahen - Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot (Israel)
Alexander Colsman - KIT, Karlsruhe (Germany)
George Crabtree - Argonne National Laboratories, Illinois (USA)
Hans Peter Ebert - ZAE, Bayern Würzburg (Germany)
Roderick Eggert - CMI, Colorado School of Mines (USA)
Georg Erdmann - Technische Universität, Berlin (Germany)
David Ginley - National Renewable Energy Laboratory Colorado (USA)
Abraham Kribus - Tel Aviv University (Israel)
Adele Manzella - IGG-CNR, Pisa (Italy)
Ryan O'Hayre - CMI, Colorado School of Mines (USA)
Robert Pitz-Paal - Institute of Solar Research German Aerospace Center, Köln (Germany)
Xavier Py - PROMES, CNRS, Font Romeu Odeillo (France)
Robert Schlögl - Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Berlin (Germany)
Abdelilah Slaoui - ICUBE, CNRS, Strasbourg (France)
William Tumas - National Renewable Energy Laboratory Colorado (USA)
Friedrich Wagner - Max-Planck-Institut, Greifswald (Germany)
Hermann Josef Wagner - Ruhr University, Bochum (Germany)
Anke Weidenkaff - University of Stuttgart, (Germany)

Deadline for registration and fee payment: 15 June 2016

General Information
A max. number of 100 students will be allowed. The registration fee is 800 €, plus 100 € per day for each accompanying person (if any). The fee includes lodging in double room, all (3 daily) meals, social events and transfer airport-Erice-airport (Palermo or Trapani). Arrival 12 July departure 20 July before 12 a.m.

All details can be found in the registration and travel form downloadable at the link:

Alternatively, the forms can be requested from the scientific secretary:
Phone numbers
Antonio Terrasi: +39 0953 785431 (off.), +39 339 2821464 (mob.)
Local secretariat of the EMCSC: +39 0923 869133

Supported by:
• Italian Ministry of Education, University and Scientific Research
• Sicilian Regional Government