Passion for Science 2019

International Symposium on the occasion of the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements IYPT2019
Organised by the Italian Physical Society – SIF
in collaboration with the Italian Chemical Society – SCI


Piero Baglioni (Università di Firenze, Italy)
Nanotechnologies for conservation of cultural heritage

Vincenzo Barone (Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy)
The fascinating world of astrochemistry

David Cole-Hamilton (University of St Andrews, London, UK)
The Periodic Table of Elements and IYPT2019

Cristian Galbiati (Princeton University, USA and Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy)
Cryogenic materials for particle detectors

Helge Kragh (Aarhus University, Denmark)
Historic talk

Yuri Oganessian (JINR, Dubna, Russia)
The discovery of new heavy elements

Vittorio Pellegrini (IIT, Genova, Italy)
From carbon nanotubes to graphene

Kathleen Richardson (University of Central Florida, USA)
Next generation glass and glass-ceramic materials for use in infrared components

Lucio Rossi (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland)
Superconducting materials

Petra Rudolf (University of Groningen, Netherlands)
Materials and surfaces

Ulrich Schubert (Vienna University, Austria)
New materials: where chemistry and materials sciences meet

Vladimir Shiltsev (Fermilab, Chicago, USA)
From Lomonosov to Mendeleev at the Bologna Academy of Sciences

Diederik Wiersma (INRIM–Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, Italy)
The new system of units

Antonino Zichichi (Università di Bologna, Italy)
Elements and antielements

No participation fee is required

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