Quaderni di Storia della Fisica

Editor-in-Chief L. Cifarelli
Deputy Editors-in-Chief I. Rabuffo, N. Robotti

ISSN 1594-9974 ( print edition )
ISSN 1827-6164 ( electronic edition )
Publisher SIF, Bologna


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Quaderni di Storia della Fisica is a journal, mainly in Italian, published without fixed periodicity (essentially one or two issues per year). It publishes contributions on various aspects of the history of physics. The journal is distributed to subscribers of Giornale di Fisica with no additional charges.

Editorial Director

Roberto Piazza

Editorial advisor

Angela Oleandri

Secretary Staff

Monica Bonetti, Angela Di Giuseppe

Production Staff

Barbara Ancarani, Elena Baroncini

Tecnical-Graphic Staff

Cristina Calzolari, Simona Oleandri

Direction and Editorial Office
Via Saragozza 12, I-40123 Bologna
Tel. +39 051 581569 - Fax +39 051 581340
email: gdf@sif.it

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