Giornale di Fisica
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Giornale di Fisica

Editor in Chief A. Bracco
Deputy Editors in Chief:
L. Gariboldi, N. Robotti, P. Rossi

ISSN 0017-0283 (printed edition)
ISSN 1827-6156 (online edition)
Publisher SIF, Bologna

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The Giornale di Fisica, founded in 1956 by Giovanni Polvani, is a quarterly magazine in Italian intended especially for teachers of physics of the upper secondary school (high schools and technical institutes of each address). It aims to provide updates on the latest research in all fields of physics, on the most modern teaching methods and on new teaching techniques. It also contains scientific curiosities and legislative news of interest to teachers and students, hosts scientific debates and suggests interesting readings. The journal is structured according to the following sections:

FISICA PER TUTTI, aimed at students, teachers and physics enthusiasts;

SCELTI PER VOI, with articles selected from other scientific publications;

L'ORA DI FISICA, with proposals for educational experiences;

SULLE ORME DEI FISICI, with reports of events and significant places in physics;

FORUM, with discussions and opinions, also on legislative provisions, concerning the world of education;

PER SAPERNE DI PIÙ, with articles dedicated to clarifying terms and/or basic concepts in physics learning (Open Access);

OSSERVATORIO, with the reporting of prizes, announcements and news;

COMMENTI E REPLICHE, to give space to the exchange of opinions between authors and readers;

IN BIBLIOTECA, with reviews and book presentations;

ACCADDE QUELL'ANNO...,to remember important anniversaries and historical dates for physics;

SPAZIO APERTO, for narrative and/or multimedia contributions (online only and in Open Access).

Editorial Structure


Angela Bracco (Università di Milano)


Leonardo Gariboldi (Università di Milano), Nadia Robotti (Università di Genova), Paolo Rossi (Università di Pisa)

Editorial Board

G. Battimelli (Roma), G. Benedek (Milano), E. Bertozzi (Bologna), A. Bettini (Padova), A. Bianchi (Lodi), P. Cerreta (Avellino), S. De Pasquale (Salerno), C. Fazio (Palermo), M. Focaccia (Roma), C. Frontali (Roma), M. Fusco Girard (Salerno), G. Grosso (Pisa), F. Guerra (Roma), R. Lalli (Berlino), A. La Rana (Macerata), M. Leone (Torino), O. Levrini (Bologna), A. Marino (Napoli), M. Michelini (Udine), P. Tucci (Milano), F. Vissani (L'Aquila)

Advisory Board

M. Carpineti (Milano), S. Croci (Parma), A. Cuccoli (Firenze), A. Leaci (Lecce), F. Monti (Verona), C. Noce (Salerno), C. Russo (Catania), P. Sapia (Rende, CS), B. Spagnolo (Palermo), M. Venanzi (Roma), P. Ventura (Roma)

Editorial manager

Barbara Ancarani

Editorial Office

Monica Bonetti

Editorial Staff

Marcella Missiroli

Graphics Department

Simona Oleandri

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