La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento
La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento - Last cover
La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento

Editor in Chief A. Bracco
Deputy Editors in Chief:
A. Bettini, G. Grosso

ISSN 0393-697X (printed edition)
ISSN 1826-9850 (online edition)
Publisher SIF, Bologna

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2018 Impact Factor: 7.565

Rivista del Nuovo Cimento is a monthly journal of monographs. It deals with topics of particular scientific interest and with up-to-date issues pertaining to different fields of physics. These monographs, which illustrate the state of the art of specific topics of relevant importance in modern physics, usually are invited papers, which are peer-reviewed before publication.

Rivista del Nuovo Cimento is associated to the European Physical Journal

Articles published in Rivista del Nuovo Cimento are listed in ISI Thomson Science Citation Index, INSPEC, INSPIRE, Chemical Abstracts, Scopus.

Editorial structure

Editor in Chief

Angela Bracco (Università di Milano)

Deputy Editors in Chief

Alessandro Bettini (Università di Padova), Giuseppe Grosso (Università di Pisa)


Andrea Bizzarri (Bologna, Italy), Enrico Bonatti (Bologna, Italy), Massimo Capaccioli (Napoli, Italy), Luciano Colombo (Cagliari, Italy), Michael Duff (London, UK), Evgueni Goudzovski (Birmingham, UK), Giuseppe Grosso (Pisa, Italy), Konrad Kleinknecht (Mainz, Germany), Luciano Maiani (Roma, Italy), Alexander Olshevskiy (Dubna, Russia), Sara Pirrone (Catania, Italy), Emanuele Rimini (Catania, Italy), Guglielmo G. Tino (Firenze, Italy), Nicolae-Victor Zamfir (Bucharest, Romania)

Advisory Editors

V. Agranovich (Troitsk, Moscow, Russia), F. T. Arecchi (Firenze, Italy), J. T. Devreese (Antwerpen, Belgium), E. Di Fabrizio (Genova, Italy), J. Feltesse (Gif-sur-Yvette, France), S. Ferrara (Genève, Switzerland), A. Stella (Pavia), A. Zichichi (Genève, Switzerland)

Editorial Manager

Barbara Ancarani

Secretary staff

Monica Bonetti, Angela Di Giuseppe

Production staff

Elena Baroncini, Damiano Maragno, Marcella Missiroli, Luca Turci

Technical-graphic staff

Simona Oleandri

Editorial and Production Office

Via Saragozza 12, I-40123 Bologna
Tel. +39 051 581569 - Fax +39 051 581340