La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento

Year 2019 - Issue 3 - March

Experimental nuclear astrophysics in Italy

Authors: C. Broggini, O. Straniero, M. G. F. Taiuti, G. de Angelis, G. Benzoni G. E. Bruno, S. Bufalino, G. Cardella,N. Colonna, M. Contalbrigo, G. Cosentino, S. Cristallo,C. Curceanu, E. De Filippo, R. Depalo, A. Di Leva,A. Feliciello, S. Gammino, A. Galatà, M. La Cognata,R. Lea, S. Leoni, I. Lombardo, V. Manzari, D. Mascali,C. Massimi, A. Mengoni, D. Mengoni, D. R. Napoli,S. Palmerini, S. Piano, S. Pirrone, R. G. Pizzone,G. Politi, P. Prati, G. Prete, P. Russotto,G. Tagliente, G. M. Urciuoli
DOI: 10.1393/ncr/i2019-10157-1
pp. 103-152
Published online 8 April 2019
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Abstract: Nuclear astrophysics, the union of nuclear physics and astronomy, went through an impressive expansion during the last twenty years. This could be achieved thanks to milestone improvements in astronomical observations, cross section measurements, powerful computer simulations and much refined stellar models. Italian groups are giving quite important contributions to every domain of nuclear astrophysics, sometimes being the leaders of worldwide unique experiments. In this paper we will discuss the astrophysical scenarios where nuclear astrophysics plays a key role and we will provide detailed descriptions of the present and future of the experiments on nuclear astrophysics which belong to the scientific programme of INFN (the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics).