How to become a Member and renew membership

The aim of the Italian Physical Society is to promote, favour and protect the study and the progress of Physics in Italy. All those who meet the following requirements may apply for membership.

To apply for membership the application form must be filled in, including a brief scientific curriculum and the signatures of two introducing Members.

The application can be filled in online or downloading the application form.

The application form will be examined and eventually approved by the Council.

Applicants will have to pay the membership dues, as indicated in the form, only after having been informed by the Society about the acceptance of their application.

For further information:

Società Italiana di Fisica's membership dues 2024

  • Individual Member: 50,00 €
  • Junior Member under 30 (annual payment): 30,00 €
  • Junior Member under 30 (three year payment 2024-2025-2026): 75,00 €
  • Senior Member over 70: 40,00 €
  • Individual Member also member of other scientific associations (namely AIAr, AIF, AIFM, AIMagn, AIRP, AISAM, ALOeO, ANFeA, IAS, SAIt, SIBPA, SIEm, SIFS, SIGRAV, SILS, SIOF, SIRR, SISFA, SISS, SoNS, UGI): 40,00 €
  • Collective Member: 300,00 €
  • Sponsoring Member: from 350,00 €
  • Invited Member: newly graduated bachelors in Physics are granted free pre-membership for two years filling the online form. After this two year of free pre-membership, for the third year they can renew their membership at the prices of 15,00 € (SIF) or 25,00 € (SIF+EPS). This special fee is available only for the year after the free pre-membership period.

All Members will receive Il Nuovo Saggiatore, Bulletin of the Italian Physical Society, for free.

European Physical Society's Individual membership dues 2024 (EPS)

  • Full: 27.50 €
  • Below 30 years of age: 20.00 €
  • Retired: 20.00 €
  • Students: 20.00 €
  • Teachers (pre-univ.): 20.00 €

Online subscription to the European Physical Society:

How to pay

Those who wish to renew membership, may pay dues by one of the following terms of payment:

  • online by credit card through direct connection with the bank (BNL). This service can be accessed to the Members Area
  • by credit card (no American Express, Diners), by sending a fax indicating card number and expiry date.