Course on Operational Space Weather Fundamentals

News del 11/03/2024

The Consorzio “Area di Ricerca in Astrogeofisica” organizes a Course on “Operational Space Weather Fundamentals”, to be held in L’Aquila, Italy, 13-17 May, 2024 directed by Domenico Di Mauro (INGV), Stefania Lepidi (INGV), Mauro Messerotti (INAF) and Tamitha Skov (Millersville University, USA).

The school will serve as a comprehensive introduction to the multi-faceted field of Space Weather, covering solar-heliospheric, magnetospheric, and ionospheric weather, with a specialized focus on operations and forecasting. By establishing the links from research to operations (R2O) and from operations to research (O2R) and by highlighting the effects of space weather on technological systems and society, this curriculum aims at stimulating the involvement of the next-generation researchers in this rapidly growing discipline.

Lectures on phenomenology will be complemented by laboratory activities and applications with the direct and active involvement of the attendees. Another practical aspect will be covered by the "career section" aimed at illustrating which skills are desirable for a job in the frame of space weather research and surveillance centres, and how good strategies should be used for educational and communication purposes.

This school is addressed to PhD students and young scientists in space physics, planetary sciences, aerospace engineering, or related fields. Early-career stage professionals from monitoring agencies and industries related to space weather are invited to apply as well.

Deadline for applications: March 23, 2024.

More information here or send an e-mail to info@astrogeofisica.it.