Third European Energy Conference – E2C 2013

News del 02/05/2013

The third European Energy Conference takes place in Budapest, 27 - 30 October 2013. Energy is vital to our society and economy at a time when strategic decisions are urgently required, on which our future welfare will depend. The European energy system has to be sustainable in terms of environmental and climatic impact, but also in terms of resources, management and acceptance by society. These are issues to be addressed with objectivity and competence, without ideological bias. The European scientific community has the potential to optimise the necessary interdisciplinary cooperation and communication in energy research, development and support to innovation. The scientific and technical resources of the continent can indeed offer the options for decision makers to implement.

This European Energy Conference series, launched in 2010, promotes, consolidates and communicates the vitally necessary synergy of scientific and technical competence with appreciation of the environmental and social implications.

The conference provides a forum to clarify the role of energy science and research in the transformation process towards the future European energy system. As such, the European Energy Conference series is a unique undertaking to provide an integrated look at the European Energy system and the scientific and technical engagement required to implement the necessary innovations.

Deadline for abstract submission: 31 May 2013

For further information: www.E2C2013.mke.org.hu or E2C2013@mke.org.hu