Career Development Workshop for Women in Physics

News del 06/05/2013

The Career Development Workshop for Women in Physics will take place at the 
The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP),Trieste from 16th to 19th September 2013.

Worldwide, women constitute a decided minority in the physics community. There are four main arguments for increasing the number of women in physics: (i) As with any intellectual activity, physics ought to be inclusive and be practised by a diverse body of scientists. (ii) In an era when too few good students take up physics, it is especially foolish to be effectively excluding half the student population. (iii) In the absence of role models, talented girls are less likely to take up physics. (iv) When there are very few women in physics, these women often face a hostile or unsupportive work environment, that makes it difficult for them to thrive and do good work.

This is obviously a large and multi-faceted problem with complicated societal causes and implications. We will not attempt to tackle all aspects of these in this short workshop. Our target group is working women physicists from all over the world, with a special focus on developing countries. What we would like to do for these women scientists is:

• Help them establish a worldwide network of women scientists who can provide support,

• advice, and role models.

• Help them build self-confidence (Many studies have shown that a lack of self-esteem

• hampers women in their rise up the academic ladder).

• Help them gain the professional skills that they need to succeed in their careers.

The programme will feature inspiring talks by successful women physicists as well as talks on how to develop professional skills such as writing scientific papers and giving talks. Participants will also give poster presentations on their research work, which will enable them to exchange ideas, network and build scientific contacts. No registration fee is required. Deadline for application: 1 June 2013

For further information: cdsagenda5.ictp.it/full_display.php?email=0&ida=a12206 or smr2483@ictp.it