25th Anniversary Conference of Academia Europaea

News del 17/06/2013

The 25th Anniversary Conference of Academia Europaea will be held in Wroclaw, Poland, from 16th to 19th September 2013.

The conference is organised on an annual basis by the Academia Europaea and is usually attended, not only, by scholars for whom it is an opportunity to present their papers, but also by students and staff of the hosting institution, since the meetings are open to the public. This year the honour of organising the conference has befallen Wrocław and it will be a particularly important event because simultaneously the Academia will also be celebrating its 25th anniversary. The conference will be held on 16-19 September 2013.

The conference structure, will include a number of keynote plenary speakers and high-level debates – drawing on global leaders  (Nobel laureates and similar) in the sciences and in wider fields of scholarship, who collectively will show how the European strengths can impact on major current and developing issues, by offering a dynamic balance between hindsight and foresight  in many key disciplines.

For further information: http://ae2013wroclaw.com/ or info@acadeuro.wroclaw.pl