Euroschool on Exotic Beams

News del 02/04/2014

The 2014 Euroschool on Exotic Beams is organized by the University of Padova and INFN and takes place in Padova, Italy, from September 7th to 13th.

The production and use of energetic radioactive beams is a rapidly developing new field in nuclear physics. Pioneering experiments are taking place, dedicated facilities are being commissioned and new facilities are planned. The EUROSCHOOL ON EXOTIC BEAMS is devised so that PhD students and young post-docs are introduced to this area and receive basic and detailed information. It consists of several lecture courses given by specialists in the field, starting from a basic level.

The 2014 edition will cover general topics on the physics of exotic nuclei, the study of Nuclear Structure and Reaction Dynamics from both the experimental and theoretical sides, Nuclear Astrophysics and nuclear applications to medicine and Cultural Heritage.

Students are invited to contribute to the Euroschool by presenting a poster. The program includes a practical session and a visit to the Legnaro National Laboratory.

Deadline for the registration: May 15th, 2014.

The total number of participants is limited to 60, and will be selected from the pool of applicants. A limited number of travel grants are available upon motivated request. The application form is available on the website. The email address for the School is: euroschool@kuleuven.be

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