International School on the Physics of Indirect Excitons

News del 23/04/2014

The International School on the Physics of Indirect Excitons will take place at the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture (EMFCSC), Erice, Italy, from July 26 to August 1, 2014

Indirect excitons are bosonic quasi-particles in semiconductors with unique properties: they have long lifetime and spin-relaxation time, can travel over large distances before recombination, can be cooled down to low temperatures to form a quantum gas, can be controlled by voltage in-situ. Due to these properties, indirect excitons represent a model system for both the studies of fundamental properties of light and matter and the development of conceptually new excitonic devices.

Four major implementations of indirect excitons have been developed:
1) optically formed indirect excitons in coupled quantum wells (CQW);
2) electrically formed indirect excitons in CQW;
3) electrically formed indirect excitons in quantum Hall bilayers;
4) indirect excitons in biased microcavities with CQW in the active region.
The recent breakthroughs in the field of indirect excitons have brought us to the most interesting stage of the study of excitonic states and the development of excitonic devices.

The course will address:
- fundamental physics of cold bosons in solid state materials;
- novel principles for optoelectronic devices;
- new systems with indirect excitons.

All the implementation of the indirect excitons will be covered by the scientific program.

Deadline for application: May 15th

More information: here