NOW 2014

News del 09/05/2014

The Neutrino Oscillation Workshop (NOW 2014) will be held in the Grand Hotel Daniela at Conca Specchiulla (Otranto, Lecce, Italy) from 7 to 14 September.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss Neutrino Oscillation Physics, in particular current experimental data and their theoretical interpretation; to outline future investigations; and to explore the links with various research fields in Astroparticle Physics.

The structure of the Workshop includes five sessions, with plenary and parallel talks on several topics of current interest.

• Session I - Absolute neutrino mass scale
• Session II - Oscillations at low energies
• Session III - Oscillations at high energies
• Session IV - Messengers of the universe
• Session V - Messengers of new physics

More information here or contact now2014@ba.infn.it