QGP school in Italy

News del 18/11/2014

The School Frontiers in Nuclear and Hadronic Physics will be held in Arcetri, Florence, 16-27 February, 2015, at the Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics, Florence.

The lectures are primarily addressed to Ph.D. students in Theoretical Hadronic and Nuclear Physics. However, in view of their pedagogical character, they are also well suited for experimentalists and post-docs, whose participation is strongly encouraged. The goal of the 2015 lecture series is to provide an introduction to the most significant and hot topics in hadronic and high energy nuclear physics, highlighting the striking features of "QCD at work".

The main topics of the first week are the hadron spectroscopy and the 3D description of the nucleon. The second week will be focussed on relativistic heavy ion physics. Emphasis will be also given to first-principle lattice QCD calculations as well as on phenomenology and all the theoretical tools suited to study the relevant experimental observables.

Applications deadline: January 15th. More information: here