Electron Ion Collider User Group Meeting 2017

News del 12/07/2017

The Electron Ion Collider User Group Meeting 2017 will take place in Trieste (Italy), 18-22 July 18-22 2017.

The Electron Ion Collider (EIC) is a proposed facility to study hadron physics at high energy recommended by the 2015 Long Range Plane for Nuclear Science by the NSAC. The EIC User Group (EICUG) promotes the realization of the EIC and its science and, presently it is formed by almost 700 scientists.

The motivations to hold the meeting in Europe, and in particular in Italy, are several: first of all, on top of the usual scientific progress represented by all the EICUG meetings, it will offer an opportunity to the whole European nuclear physics community to learn more about EIC, it will allow the interested European physicists to be together in the right context to start forming a coherent community, possibly including numerous young scientists, and, last but not least, it will possibly contribute to the formation of a committed community within INFN itself.

The meeting will discuss the future plans for the Electron Ion Collider, review the advancements in the strengthening the physics case, and discussing the technical plans for the collider and detectors.

More information: here.