News del 21/11/2017

The EURORIB 2018 will be held from May the 27th to June the 1st 2018 in the Belambra club “Les Criques” in Giens, a seaside village close to Toulon (south of France).

The conference is jointly organised by the main Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) facilities in Europe, presently engaged in the major upgrades HIE-ISOLDE@CERN, NUSTAR@FAIR, SPES@LNL and SPIRAL2@GANIL with the long-term goal of EURISOL. The collaborations built around these facilities are exploring new experimental and theoretical ideas that will advance the understanding of nuclear structure and reactions as well as nuclear astrophysics through studies of exotic nuclei.

The EURORIB 2018 will provide the opportunity for the scientific community and different collaborations to come together and present new ideas, and explore the synergies between the research programs based around the different accelerator projects.

The EURORIB 2018 conference will deal with the following 11 topics:

  • Future RIB facilities
  • At and beyond the drip line and new modes of radioactivity
  • Nuclear structure far from stability and hypernuclei
  • Transuranium nuclei
  • Dynamics and Thermodynamics of exotic nuclear systems
  • Direct Reactions with radioactive beams
  • Nuclear astrophysics
  • Fundamental interactions
  • Applications to other fields
  • Instrumentation, electronics and data acquisition systems
  • Production and manipulation of RIB

Deadline for abstract submission: 15 February 2018.

More information: here.