Summer Institute "Using Particle Physics to Understand and Image the Earth" (ISAPP 2018)

News del 05/04/2018

The Using Particle Physics to Understand and Image the Earth is an initiative supported by the International School on Astroparticle Physics (ISAPP), a network including 36 institutions and doctorate schools having the mission of encouraging students exchanges and developing a joint education through the organization of Summer Schools and Summer Institutes in theoretical and experimental Astroparticle Physics.

It will be held at the University Institute for Higher Studies, IUSS - Ferrara 1391 in Ferrara (Italy) in the period 2-12 July 2018.

The Summer Institute is open to 26 advanced graduate students and recent post-docs who are interested in sharing their experiences and learning from a diverse group of lecturers with the idea of promoting a greater understanding of science.

Registration deadline: 22 April 2018.

More information here.