IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Nuclear Physics 2019

News del 10/04/2018

The IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Nuclear Physics was established by IUPAP in 2005 at the time of the General Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa.

The purpose of the prize, which consists of 1,000 €, a medal, and a certificate citing the recipient’s contributions, is:

“To recognize and encourage very promising experimental or theoretical research in nuclear physics, including the advancement of methods, procedures, techniques, or devices that contribute in a significant way to nuclear physics research. Candidates for the prize must have a maximum of eight years of research experience (excluding career interruptions) following the Ph.D. (or equivalent) degree.”

Nominations by one or two nominators (and distinct from the nominee) are open to applied and basic nuclear physicists in experiment and in theory.

The nomination package should contain, other than the nomination letter, two additional letters of support, the curriculum vitae of the nominee containing also the list of publications. Three prizes will ordinarily be awarded at the time of the tri-annual International Nuclear Physics Conference.

Nominations deadline: 1 September 2018.

The additional letters supporting the nomination should detail the expected significance of the contributions of the nominee to nuclear physics. To underline this, additional material such as published articles can be added to the nomination package. Especially information that allows the selection committee to evaluate the nominee’s contribution to and its direct impact on the field.

More information available at the Prize webpage.