News del 27/08/2018

The International Conference PHOTON 2019 will be held at the INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati (Rome, Italy), June 3 - 7, 2019.

This conference is part of the series initiated in 1973 in Paris, as an International Colloquium on Photon-Photon Collisions at Electron-Positron Storage Rings. The latest Photon conferences took place in CERN-Geneva (2017), Novosibirsk (2015), Paris (2013), Spa (2011), Hamburg (2009), Paris (2007), Warsaw (2005), Frascati (2003), Ascona (2001), Freiburg (2000), Ambleside (1999), and Egmond aan Zee (1997).

The scientific program will include topics related to photon-photon and photonhadron collisions as well as final-state photon production at present and future colliders. In addition, high-energy astrophysics gamma-rays, and photon-related new physics searches (axions, dark/hidden photons, ...) will also be discussed. The conference format will be plenary sessions only.

The 2019 Edition of the Colloquium is hosted in the first established laboratory of the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics, the Frascati National laboratories. In 1959, exactly 60 years ago, the first Italian Electro-Syncroton started here its operations and the year after, the first matter-antimatter collider (AdA) ever built saw the light and for this the Frascati National laboratories were awarded as EPS historical site.

Registration deadline: 3 May 2019.

Further information are available at the Conference webpage or contacting photon19_loc@lists.lnf.infn.it.