GIREP webinar 2020

News del 23/09/2020

The International Research Group on Physics Teaching – GIREP webinar 2020 on "physics teacher education – what matters?" will be held online on Zoom, 16-18 November 2020.

The focus of this webinar will be on Initial Teacher Education [ITE] and Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development [CPD]. Different themes linked to Physics Teacher Education will be discussed, namely:

  • ICT and Multimedia in Teacher Education (Initial and Further PD). Responsibles: Peter Demkanin, Ton Ellermeijer, Lars-Jochen Thoms
  • Experiments and lab work in teacher education. Responsibles: Ian Bearden, Leoš Dvorák, Gorazd Planinšič
  • Quantum Mechanics in Teaching and learning physics. Responsibles: Sergej Faletic, Marisa Michelini, Gesche Pospiech
  • Formal, non-formal and informal aspects physics education at primary level. Responsibles: Mojca Cepic, Marco Gilberti, Dagmara Sokolowska
  • Strategies for pre-service physics teacher education at all levels. Responsibles: Dina Curso, Claudio Fazio, Zuzana Jeskovsa
  • In-service teacher professional learning strategies. Responsibles: Eilish McLoughlin, Wim Peeters, David Sands

Abstract submission deadline: 10 October 2020.
Deadline for registration: 5 November 2020.

More information: here.