EPS Prizes & Awards 2021

News del 06/11/2020

The European Physical Society highly values and promotes outstanding scientific achievements in the field of Physics.
At the same time, the EPS wants to contribute to making such special achievements accessible to the general public.
Therefore the EPS has established several Prizes, Distinctions and Awards to document its respect and admiration for the work of the prizewinners.

Calls for nominations are now open for the following awards:

  • The EPS Early Career Prizes (one for theoretical and one for experimental work);
  • The EPS Gero Thomas Commemorative Medal;
  • EPS Fellows;
  • EPS Honorary Members.

Terms and conditions, nomination rules or prize charter for each of these awards can be found on the EPS website.

The deadline for the above awards is 15 January, 2021.

In addition to these EPS awards, there are a number of prizes awarded by the EPS Divisions and Groups. These have their own deadlines and nomination rules.