News del 18/02/2011

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF SUBNUCLEAR PHYSICS ---- SEARCHING FOR THE UNEXPECTED AT LHC AND STATUS OF OUR KNOWLEDGE --- 49th Course, Erice, Italy, 24 June-3 July 2011 ---- 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the School 2011-2012-2013 ---- This Course will be the first of the three devoted to the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the Subnuclear Physics School which was started in 1961 by Antonino Zichichi with John Bell at CERN and formally established in 1962 by Bell, Blackett, Weisskopf, Rabi and Zichichi in Geneva (CERN); the first course being at Erice in 1963. This is why the celebrations will last three years. The EMFCSC has decided to give special funds for the three years celebrations of the 50th Anniversary. These funds will be devoted each year to the selection of 50 excellent fellows by the board of Invited Scientists and Lecturers. The lectures will be, as usual, fully devoted to the latest and most significant achievements in theoretical and in experimental physics. In fact during the last half century the School has been involved in all crucial steps of our Physics. Few examples: SU flavour and SU [with SU-spin coupled with SU flavour] dismantled by the "No-Go-Theorem", the battle between S-Matrix and Field Theory, the Universality of the weak forces [started with the epsilon-parameter and the non existence of the "flavour changing-neutral currents" solved by the existence of "charm"], the experimental search for the 3rd lepton in the early sixties before the discovery of CP breaking, the birth of the Electroweak Unification and the SSB mechanism, the discovery of the negative sign of the beta-function and of asymptotic freedom, the triumph of non Abelian field theories (QCD and QFD) with all consequences (including Instantons), the discovery of Supersymmetry (many years - and not few days - after the "No-Go-Theorem"). Now the focus is on RQST (Relativistic Quantum String Theory) and LHC, including totally unexpected events. In 2011 there will be a special session of the School fully devoted to the celebration of the discovery of the negative sign of the beta-function and of asymptotic freedom; in 2012 QCD and in 2013 SSB plus Instantons will be celebrated. ---- More information and application form at www.emfcsc.infn.it/issp