Workshop "Observing, sensing, detecting"

News del 29/01/2021

The International workshop "Observing, sensing, detecting. Toward a multi-layered picture of the Universe from historical and epistemological perspectives" organized by the Italian Society for the History of Physics and Astronomy (SISFA), with the endorsement of Commission C3 History of Astronomy of IAU and of History of Physics Group of the European Physical Society will be held online, 4-5 February 2021.

The workshop will bring together a broad range of topics, in particular: the entanglement between the emergence of ever more precise questions and the development of cutting-edge technologies, the contamination between different scientific fields and communities, the transition to Big Science, the evolving nature of international collaborations and their changing geopolitical scenarios.

The talks will be broadcast live streaming. The workshop will be recorded and the related videos will become later available on the YouTube channel SISFAmedia.

More information: here.