News del 23/02/2021

The SQM2021 - International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter 2021 will be held online from 17 to 22 May 2021.

The Conference will focus on new experimental and theoretical developments on the role of strange and heavy-flavour quarks in high energy heavy-ion collisions and in astrophysical phenomena. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it will be an online-only conference and serves as a bridge to the postponed SQM 2022 in Korea.

Conference physics topics:
- Strangeness and heavy quark production in nuclear collisions and hadronic interactions
- Bulk matter phenomena associated with strange and heavy quarks
- Production of strange/heavy-flavor hadron resonances and hypernuclei
- Strangeness in astrophysics
- Open questions and new developments

Abstract submission deadline: 8 March 2021.

More information: here.