Trust Science Campaign for UNESCO-IDL 2021

News del 23/04/2021

SIF is a Founding Signatory of the Trust Science Pledge for UNESCO-IDL 2021.

For the International Day of Light 2021 a Trust Science Campaign has been launched in order to invite the general public and scientists worldwide to affirm confidence in the process of scientific research and discovery.

Society at large is experiencing a variety of challenges impacting its trust in science. The last 12+ months have openly demonstrated the importance of evidence-based solutions — in fields from healthcare to engineering.

Celebrated on 16 May, the International Day of Light is an annual United Nations observance raising global awareness of the importance of light science and technology in areas such as communications, sustainable development, climate action and healthcare.

The message of this year’s International Day of Light — Trust Science — encourages both scientists and the public alike to sign and support a declaration affirming their trust in science and the importance of public confidence in the scientific process. Now is the time for us all to pledge our support.

We ask all supporters of the International Day of Light and its objectives to join with us in signing the Trust Science Pledge. This includes those who support the crucial role of the scientific process in improving our quality of life.

Sign the pledge here.