News del 07/03/2022

The 2nd edition of the International INFN "School of Underground Physics: Theory and experiments” (SoUP2022), addressed to PhD students, post-docs and young researchers involved in the field from all over the world, will be held from 20 to 24 June at the INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso.

The School is organised with lectures + a hands-on session in Statistics. It also includes a poster session and a visit to the LNGS underground experiments and facilities.

Topics and Lecturers:

  • Dark Matter Phenomenology. Lecturer: Nicolao Fornengo (University and INFN Torino)
  • Neutrino Phenomenology. Lecturer: Francesco Vissani (INFN LNGS)
  • Liquid Scintillator and Water Cherenkov Detectors. Lecturer: Gioacchino Ranucci (INFN Milano)
  • Nobel Liquid Detectors. Lecturer: Laura Baudis (University of Zurich)
  • Solid State (Crystals and Bolometers) Detectors. Lecturers: Riccardo Cerulli (INFN Roma Tor Vergata) and Paolo Goria (INFN LNGS)
  • Statistics. Lecturer: Hagar Landsman (Weizmann Institute of Science)
  • Hands-on session on Statistics. Lecturer: Pietro Di Gangi (University and INFN Bologna)
  • New Photodetectors. Lecturer: Ettore Segreto (University of Campinas)
  • Material screening. Lecturers: Matthias Laubenstein (INFN LNGS) and Stefano Nisi (INFN LNGS)
  • Cryogenics. Lecturer: Alfredo Davide Ferella (University of L’Aquila and INFN LNGS)

Registration deadline: 15 April 2022.

More information: here.