EuNPC 2022

News del 27/06/2022

The fifth edition of the European Nuclear Physics Conference (EuNPC 2022) will be held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 24-28 October 2022.

EuNPC 2022 aims to review and discuss the status and prospects in the field of nuclear physics and its applications. The conference will be a showcase for forefront theoretical and experimental developments, where the interplay between outstanding research and innovative concepts in the field will be promoted.

- Accelerators and Instrumentation
- Nuclear Structure, Spectroscopy, and Dynamics
- Nuclear Astrophysics
- Astroparticle Physics
- Heavy Ion Collisions and QCD Phases
- Hadron Structure, Spectroscopy, and Dynamics
- Fundamental Symmetries and Interactions
- Nuclear Physics Applications
- Few-Body Systems

Abstract submission deadline: 20 July 2022.

More information: here.