Balkan Summer Institute 2011

News del 26/11/2010

The Balkan Summer Institute, August 2011, Serbia, will be directed by G. Djordjevic (Nis), E. Dudas (Paliseau), G. Dvali (Munich/CERN), D. Luest (Munich), G. Senjanovic (Trieste), D. Stojkovic (Buffalo). The Balkan School and Workshop 2011 (BSW2011), organized by the Faculty of Science, University of Nis and by SEENET-MTP Network, will take place on 19-31 August 2011. The programme will cover the following aspects: --- SEENET-MTP Seminar "On Trends in Modern Physics" (19-21 August); --- SEENET-MTP School "Cosmology and Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model" (21-27 August); --- Workshop: Scientific and Human Legacy of Julius Wess (27 August); --- SEENET-MTP Workshop "Particle Physics from TeV to Planck Scale" (28-31 August).